Friday, July 12, 2013

Liberals should be wary of the Bob Roberts Effect

Twenty years ago, liberal icon Tim Robbins made a “mockumentary” ---about a conservative politician named Bob Roberts. The film was a bit of a flop at the box office, but it went on to become a cult classic in the eyes of many young conservatives of the era. In fact, the original folk-songs sung by Tim Robbins’ character in the film, a US Senatorial candidate named Bob Roberts, became so popular with right-wingers, that Robbins actually refused to make a soundtrack of his own film, fearing that his film had caused the exact opposite reaction than he had intended. To this day, the only place you can find these songs is YouTube.

Recently, activists over at Progress New Colorado seem to be falling into the same trap in their attempt to smear Northern Colorado’s growing movement to legally separate from Denver. The Political Director of Progress Now Colorado (Alan Franklin) has recently posted a link on the North Colorado: 51st State Initiative Facebook page.
 See which has this picture:

The irony is that in their attempt to mock us, they might have given us some great ideas for a new state flag.  In fact, most of the folks I have spoken to about the flag found it an interesting combination of funny and fitting (perhaps a cow rather than a pig would have been more appropriate).  But everyone loves the crossed AR-15’s, the pitchfork, and the oil rig.

Yes, we are proud of our agricultural heritage as represented by the pig and the pitchfork.  We are thankful for the jobs created by the oil and gas industry and are proud of their continued contribution to our country’s national and economic security. Yes, we are unapologetic supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. And most of us value the sanctity of life.

We believe in faith, and freedom, and family.

The fact that this 'flag' was developed and posted on our Facebook page to 'mock' the movement with which most of us identify is indicative of the divide between the rural part of the state from the entrenched liberal and progressive forces that dominate the political establishment in Denver.

The heart of the 51st State Initiative is simple - we just want to be left alone to live our lives without heavy-handed restrictions from the state capitol.  Without the massive over-reach by Democrats in the legislature and Governor’s office, it is doubtful the Fifty First State Movement would even be discussed. If liberals in Denver really have so much disdain for those of us in rural Colorado, then do what grown-ups sometimes do when differences are irreconcilable - grant us our divorce papers.  

We are happy to go our separate ways and are asking to do so through the creation of a new state - that which we call North Colorado. And frankly, we have some pretty good ideas for a new state flag, thanks to our opponents.

Find out more about the 51st State Initiative at: 


  1. I wanted to use the image on my facebook page, but I was worried the unpredictable nature of the creator, Alan Franklin, would turn on me and file a lawsuit for using his property without permission. I'd like to alert the readers of this post that this weekend two of our state office holders are on the brink of announcing their candidacy for Governor. Let's get to know them well and do all we can to support the one that follows our agenda, in case our initiative fails.
    Connie Arthur
    Hillrose, CO

  2. This link details dozens of states that have tried to do the same. If you want to make this work, you have your work cut out for you. If you just wanted people to hear your distress, you succeeded.